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Marketing Fundamentals : Drive Results For Your Business

Unlock The Secrets To Effective Marketing Strategies And Tactics For Increased Brand Awareness, Traffic And Conversions.

About the course

The course has been created to develop a thorough understanding of marketing from a business perspective. It has been diligently designed to include the crucial concepts, giving you a deep dive into the industry standards in a simplified way for better understanding. Afterall, learning is not a hustle but a gradual process where relishing and knowledge meet together.

The world of business is evolving with time. Businesses are throwing every tactic to cliff onto one opportunity of success. Despite the competition getting tough, no one wants the risk of failing. But to enter such a competitive space for new players is hard and suffocating.

Join Entrepreneur Investor Aaishwarya Chandra in this comprehensive course on Marketing Fundamentals which covers the entire subject in 10 simple sections for better understanding of marketing concepts and theories that can place you and your business ahead of the competition. Let’s check out the curriculum in detail.

PART 1: Introduction

The course will begin with introducing you to the fundamentals of marketing. You’ll get in touch with various forms of marketing such as B2B, B2C, etc. And you’ll get the answer to the dilemma of why is marketing important for a business.

PART 2: Marketing Research

In the second part, we will move on to learning about industry analysis. This will help you observe and learn from others in the market. You’ll also learn about various stages of market research. This will include numerous factors such as understanding the market, understanding your customers, making a budget for your marketing and more. We have made sure you learn every nuance of marketing, that is why we have also included two types of marketing analysis which are usually not discussed by people but are very important. They are SWOT Analysis and PESTLE Analysis with examples.

PART 3: Marketing Essentials

Rather than just investing and selling, the important part of a business is understanding. Many people mix up the meaning of marketing and selling, which we will discuss in this part. We will help you understand the consumers’ needs, wants and demands. With “Maslow’s Hierarchy”, you'll understand what are the emotional and financial triggers which help people make a purchase, and how you can use it for your business. You’ll learn about consumer behavior, buying motives and also marketing models such as STP in marketing along with many other product strategies.

PART 4: Core Marketing Principles

Moving on to the fourth part, we have explained the marketing funnel which involves how you can convert a casual visitor to a paying customer. With KPI or Key Performance Indicator, you can evaluate the performance of a company. It also includes the 4Ps of product marketing which isn’t just the definition but precise detailing with simple explanation. A dedicated section for each P will help you understand each concept better in detail.

PART 5: Product

Before any strategy or tactic, comes the product. It is the actual value which you create that will define how well that product is going to serve your customers. We have named this part as “Product” just to precisely focus on and help you with your product development process. We have given everything out with topics such as Product Life Cycle, Product Mix strategy in which you’ll learn different product making strategies. Other strategies include product naming, branding and positioning which is covered in detail in this section.

PART 6: Price

The most buzzed question of business and marketing industry learners, “What is the difference between price and cost?”. And gladly, we have the answer for it. Moving forward, you’ll get competition analysis which is a way to learn from your competitors, both from their good and bad practices. We also have included different pricing strategies to help you select the right price tag for your product which manages to do both, attract customers and make profit.

PART 7: Place

Choosing the right place for selling and promoting your product is important, whether online or offline. To find what suits your business, the answer is in this part. Here, we have included necessary terms such as product distribution, which isn’t just about distributing and selling your product but to find the right market where you will get potential clients and responses. Regarding this, we also have included a part for distribution channels.

PART 8: Promotion

You might have guessed by the name that this part is solely about promoting your product. We have explained the meaning and types of product promotion and then proceeded further to discuss elements of promotion mix. For a brief, promotion mix is a combination of marketing methods to get the best results for your efforts. And we’re sure you won’t afford to miss it for your business. Additionally, we have included the popular AIDA model that you can use in your strategy.


PART 9: Service Marketing (+3P)

This is an introduction to service marketing, a lecture fully explained with well researched terms and details. Further, there is differentiation between service marketing and product marketing which will help you clearly understand the difference between promoting a specific product and a service. Adding more, we have included 3 more Ps of marketing i.e., People, Process and Physical Evidence which makes you learn a total 7Ps of marketing.


PART 10: Developing A Marketing Strategy

As we said earlier, you’ll also learn to develop your own marketing strategy, and here we have it for you. We have started with explaining the marketing mix and how to create one for yourself. We have also included how to set your marketing budget so that you don’t waste your resources. With concepts such as COCA or Cost Of Customer Acquisition and CLV or Customer Lifetime Value, helps you analyze your spendings and improve your marketing spending efficiency.


Not just this, the course also comprises of case studies, sample papers and assignments along with easy to hard Quiz to measure your progress and test your understanding.


So, why wait? Take the course and start developing your marketing perspective to excel in the face of the competition now!


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