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Managing Your Business

From Operations To Finance And Accounts, From Human Resource Management To Sales, Marketing And Network And Security, Learn All You Need To Manage And Run Your Business Successfully.

About the course

Hello everyone! I’m ‘Aaishwarya Chandra’ and it feels really good to be back. Back to you with a brand new course on the topic “Managing Your Business”. I’ve always tried to bring the best of knowledge available around a certain topic. So that when you finish up with the course, and ever encounter to be discussing that similar topic, you’re among the people who are well-versed and knowledgeable around it and share it with a larger audience. With years of updating knowledge and consistent zeal to bring something new, this course is all yours now. As per the title “Managing Your Business”, you’ll find here everything related to learning about business management. With lectures to elaborate and explain employee management, accounts management, managing, marketing, sales, finance you ask everything, it has got it.

So now let’s get-set-ready to read a brief description of what is included in the course.

PART 1: Managing Employees

As always this course will start with a warm welcome and plenty of intro lectures which you’ll get to know more about while attending the course.

In this first part, it has started with tapping on the topic of employee management which I’m sure is every business owner looking for a one-applied-forever-solution. Digging more, there are lectures about how to hire and fire employees which is another dilemma of all business owners. Not to give it all here, there are lectures on workforce automation, talent management, creating a new line of leadership. And just to excite you more there is also a lecture on creating employee development and training programs and you sure not be wanting to miss it.

PART 2: Business Operation

Coming on to the second part, you’ll explore managing the operations of your business as per the title suggests. I know there are so many layers and processes in it, so I won't give you mere motivation or general guidelines to do things better but there are lectures on topics covering logistics management, project management, quality management, understanding the risks of business and many others which I’m sure you won’t find easily to be talking about. And before you think I have bombarded you with enough heavy words, I know also the importance of sub-tasks which don’t get credited enough to talk about but I have managed to include them too. The Names of some lectures are ‘Building an effective chain of command for smooth business operations’ and ‘Business process automation. How to automate your business?’.

For summary, it is more important to keep the operations running effectively and constantly than just introducing new ones. This part will overall help you figure that out.

PART 3: Managing Accounts

As I have said, “You’ll find knowledge and details for every bit of managing business”. Therefore I have included a part just for explaining the bits and pieces of managing your accounts. Starting with a lecture on introducing what is accounts it will proceed to understanding some key principles and best accounts practices. And also just to brag a bit it has a lecture about how to find a CA to manage your accounts which you won't find to be discussing everywhere.

PART 4: Managing Finance

Just as the name suggests, we’ll teach you here about how to manage your finances for business. With lectures such as ‘Finance Management’, ‘Income Statement’, Managing Cash Flow’, and ‘Best Finance Practice For a Company’, you'll be well acquainted with managing the finance part of the business.

PART 5: Managing Marketing

Starting with the basics to introduce you with the concept of market management, we’ll start with solid lectures. A market is made up of the combination of your team and customers. I understand this, so there are separate lectures named ‘Managing your Marketing Team’ and ‘Marketing Your Customers’. To elaborate more, this part will shed light on community building, building public relations and other topics which you’ll get to know more during the course.

PART 6: Managing Sales

Here you'll learn about managing the sales part. Topics include explanation on B2C sales, using cold emailing, cold calling and others. Make it more worthy, there are also lectures explaining the very terms ‘sales’ and ‘revenue’ as I don’t want the young readers to feel as if they are outcast. This is the reason I have started with very basic terms to the professional ones.

PART 7: Network & Security

This part starts with “Why do you need to secure your business?” you’ll get your answer in it. With managing the business security, it has everything related to it. It means you have lectures explaining topics such as legal security, physical security and every other topic which is responsible for the security purpose of your business.

PART 8: Managing All Departments in Sync

This is what my friend, every business owner, wants to master. They want to manage every angle of their business smartly so nothing goes wrong. But it is easier said than done. But I would say, with the right knowledge and execution, you can do it. Here you’ll learn about topics such as RGB Model, meetings, team management, sales & market collaboration and other topics which I really like to not disclose all here but you experience the usefulness of it.


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