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Launching Your Business

From Determining The Business Model To Nurturing Your Idea To Create A Business Plan, From Launching The Product In The Market To Creating A Promotion Strategy That Converts, Learn All You Need To Know To Launch Your Business With Confidence.

About the course

Hello everybody! Once again it’s your very own friendly instructor “Aaishwarya Chandra” back to you with a course named ‘Launching your Business’. In this course, you will learn to take the very first step of business, i.e., launching your business. And moving forward you’ll also learn how to evaluate your business idea, identify your target market, and conduct market research to validate your concept. You will also learn how to create a business plan that outlines your mission, vision, and goals, as well as the strategies you will use to achieve them. Additionally, the course will cover the different types of financing available to entrepreneurs and how to choose the right one for your business.


Just as our every other course, this course is also dedicated to bring the best of knowledge to you and you every spent on it worthy of it. And we don’t disconnect after you end the course but will always have my assistance on any future queries and problems.


Now let’s have a peek to know what you’ll be learning in the course:


PART 1: Business Model


After completing an intro section and some intro lectures, you’ll reach this section named ‘Business Model’. As per the name, here you’ll learn about different types of business models. And these are not some simple explanations but you’ll be given examples and analysis of some popular companies using similar models such as Zomato, Paytm, Google and others. People are usually familiar with the ‘Franchising Model’ but don’t have much knowledge about. For that there are three separate lectures which will thoroughly explain you about it.


PART 2: Innovation And Research To Create An Idea


We often that you should be creative and innovative in a business but the question strongly stands “How?” There are doubts on how to create an idea, which ideas are best, and along with that there is also this risk that one bad idea can ruin your brand image and years of hard work, so how exactly do you deal with this? All of these questions and others related to it are answered  in this section. You’ll learn how to research your market and develop your product according to it. To make it more detailed and informative, we have included several lectures to make sure you understand the right kind of innovation. What often you think innovation can be irrelevant to the customers and thus can be a flop in the market. But don’t worry, together we won’t let that happen.


PART 3: Nurturing The Idea To Create A Business Plan


Now when you understand about the developing and creating part of an idea, now let’s learn about how to move forward with it. To be more precise, with creating an idea you’ll learn about how to monetize it. And different lectures in it will help you with different problems to deal with. More on it, you’ll learn how to develop your product and services according to what the people want. And if you’re asking how to know what the people want? Opt in the course.


PART 4: Creating And Evaluating The Product Prototype


Now when you have created a product with the help of well defined research and development, you straight up don’t release the product. That is the foremost rule you have to understand in product development. Firstly, there is the trial phase of the product in which you analyze the customer experience and product performance. And I know I have simply stated the trail part, but how exactly should you be doing it? That is what you’ll learn in this part. And in the end, there is a lecture on what you should be doing after you’ve successfully done the market testing with positive product response.


PART 5: Launching The Product


Now after thinking, creating, developing and testing the product comes the launching phase for which the whole course is created. Here you’ll learn how to launch your product with strategy in the market as there are competitors who can overshadow your work if you move forward with wrong execution. Alos, there are many factors in product launch. There is product positioning, promotion strategy, after sale services and post launch analysis. And to make sure you learn each one of them, there are individual lectures on each of the topics. Along with that you’ll also learn how I, your very instructor, built this entrepreneurial school 'Aclaran Academy' from scratch.


So Why Wait? Take The Course And Start Building Your Business From Scratch. See You In There!


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