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Entrepreneurial Finance

From Basic Finances To Business Valuation, From Fund Raising To Harvesting, Learn All You Need As An Entrepreneur To Take Your Business To The Next Level

About the course

This course “Entrepreneurship Finance” is made to give the students a sound knowledge of the financial aspects of a business. To be made with a broader vision, it consists of discussions on various terms such as shares, bonds, dividends, etc. To dig deeper, we have brief explanations on micro and macro finance, private equity, crowdfunding and many more. Now to make clear the reason for mentioning these terms is because you won’t find them to be discussed briefly elsewhere. And by briefly we do not mean a simple paragraph but a separate lecture on each topic. Now what more could you ask for?! I have live courses on entrepreneurship which is how you can shift from the monotonous 9 to 5 routine and build your own empire. But also, there is no means to become an entrepreneur if you are not aware of the important pillars of entrepreneurship, which here is finance. And I'm sure that I don’t need to explain the importance of finance in a business. To brief this up more, let’s say you are a genius entrepreneur born in a million years. You’re good with ideas and vision, and are also able to successfully execute them to build an established business. But dude! You don’t know how to manage your finances? Sure I mean you’ll hire a guy to manage your finances but how are you going to take important company decisions without understanding the finances? You would risk every investment and company operation. It’s not possible to build a business or even if somehow managed, it won’t take long for it to come down to shredding.


So to save the budding entrepreneurial mind from losing its confidence even before blooming, I have brought this course about business finance.


Now let’s have a look at what you’d be learning.


PART 1: Introduction


Starting with a welcome note, it has lectures like entrepreneurial finance, differences between entrepreneurial finance and corporate finance, types of organisations, and many more which I won’t disclose here but better to be witnessed in the course. And to mention, within the first part you’ll also learn about important terms like venture capital and regulatory considerations. This is to give you an idea of how more interesting and crucial concepts you’ll be learning about when moving forward in the course.


PART 2: Basic Financials


Since you’ve now been well introduced about the course content we’ll start with discussing the crucial topics. Here you’ll learn about industry-level terms and concepts of finance. The few of the lecture names are ‘Forecasting revenue’, ‘Financial strategy’, and ‘Working capital’. You might be thinking I've bombarded you with heavy terms. But I know many people opting this course might be at the very initial stages of entrepreneurship. So to make it approachable and familiar I’ve also talked about shares, dividends, bonds, etc. You won’t be blank throughout the lecture but curious to learn more and more.


PART 3: Business Valuation


Now comes the part where your knowledge of finance is going to be fully utilized. I know with the new exposure of entrepreneurship through the internet and TV shows you must be aware of the term business valuation. But the game changes when you would be asked to give a valuation of your business. And if you are new to it, I’m pretty sure you’ll get tangled into thinking what’s right and what’s wrong. And to deal with that it has lectures like ‘How to value your business correctly?’, ‘Development of venture capital market’, ‘Valuation by venture capital method’ and others.


PART 4: Fund Raising Options


To explain it, just think of how many ways you have to raise funds for yourself? If you’re a budding entrepreneur it is possible that you might be stuck at one or two. I mentioned budding entrepreneurs but the lectures are also well suited for the well established ones. We discussed in the starting that this course has many crucial topics that you find easily. Here are plenty of them. We have discussed ways of fundraising, micro finance, macro finance, private equity, crowdfunding, angel investing and many other lectures for which we cordially invite in the course to explore.


PART 5: Harvesting


For a little brief, business harvesting helps companies to churn the maximum profits out of a product or the company assets. To know why it is important and exactly how it's done? Hop into the course. And don’t worry, I won’t leave you with a few definitions but will explain as briefly as possible.


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