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Developing You As An Entrepreneur

Learn The Essential Skills Of Successful Entrepreneurs From Communication And Presentation To Leadership, Networking, Decision Making And Time And Goal Management. Learn To Lead Your Team Confidently With Organizational Behavior and Team Management Skills.

About the course

Do you have the fire of an entrepreneur burning within you, but don't know how to fan the flames? Do you have big dreams but no idea where to start? Look no further, because we have the perfect solution to ignite your entrepreneurial spark! Introducing our course "Developing You as an Entrepreneur."


Think of this course as your personal rocket ship to entrepreneurial success. We'll take you on a journey from being an idea-maker to a business powerhouse. With the guidance of experienced entrepreneurs and instructors, you'll learn how to turn your entrepreneurial ideas into a thriving business. We'll cover everything from generating ideas to financial planning, marketing strategies, and beyond.


But this isn't just another boring lecture-style course. We believe in hands-on learning and taking action. You'll work on real-life projects and receive feedback to help you make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. And the best part? You'll have the opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals, creating valuable connections and expanding your professional network.


By the end of this course, you'll have a solid understanding of the entrepreneurial process and a clear plan for how to turn your ideas into a successful business. This is your chance to invest in yourself and your future. So, why wait? Enroll in the course today and get ready to blast off on your entrepreneurial journey.


Don't let your entrepreneurial dreams fade away. Give them the fuel they need to soar with our course "Developing You as an Entrepreneur." Enroll now and discover the entrepreneur within you. The future is yours for the taking – grab this opportunity with both hands and let's get started!


Now let's get a glimpse of what you’ll be learning in the course.




Starting with a sweet welcome note for you, there is our first lecture named “Theory Of Human Motivation” which is a derivation and explanation of “Maslow’s Theory”. This lecture is mostly focused to teach you on how you can make best use of it as an entrepreneur. Then further you get lectures like “Meaning Of Authority And Power” and “Entrepreneur And The Entrepreneurship”.


PART 1: Business Communication And Presentation


Business Communication & Presentation" is a crucial aspect of the professional world. In this section of the course, you'll learn how to effectively communicate your ideas and thoughts in a clear, concise, and professional manner. From writing emails and memos to delivering presentations, you'll gain a solid understanding of the most effective methods for communicating in a business setting. This section will cover key elements such as developing strong communication skills, understanding your audience, and mastering the art of storytelling. By the end of this section, you'll be equipped with the tools and techniques you need to communicate with confidence, regardless of the situation.


PART 2: Organisation Behaviour & Team Management


This is the second part which is focused to make you learn about organisational behaviour and team management. And yes, that is simply the name of this part. YOu’ll start with understanding the concept of human behaviour. To tell you more, an entrepreneur besides making marketing and selling strategies also has to think about maintaining harmony with the people he or she works with, such as dealers, distributors, employees, sellers, customers, etc. and this part is exactly that for you. You’ll learn how to manage your team and get the optimal results without pressuring them. And where there is teamwork, there is obviously going to be a conflict at some point. Most of the conflicts are manageable and easy to grow if the person is smart enough to handle it. And you, my friend, are going to be that smart person.


PART 3: Your Personality


We often talk about how an entrepreneur should be capable of making good strategies and marketing his product and services but we don’t talk about how an entrepreneur should be as a person. What are the qualities one should possess and what are things he or she should learn to be successful? Answers for all these questions are here in this one part of the course.


PART 4: Handling Emotions


This I would say again is that no one talks about. Entrepreneurs have to be good managers with handling their team members to get optimal results and keep them emotionally strong. But these are the same things which an entrepreneur also requires, afterall, he or she is also human. If the person is angry, he needs to control his anger, if he’s emotionally delicate he needs to be strong. These are very simple words which I’m sure we’ve heard many times but the thing is that we don’t identify when it's happening. And by the end of this part, I’m sure you’ll learn to identify these problems within yourself and deal with them sincerely.


PART 5: Decision Making


We all have heard the term decision making. But exactly is decision making? To give you a brief, it is not just about taking the right or wrong decision but a representation of you as a person. Want to know how? Hop into the course. We have types of decision making, important steps, and do’s & don'ts which I’m sure you won’t be wanting to miss.


PART 6: Networking


The name of the first lecture in it is “What is personal networking?”. This is a crucial factor to be present in an entrepreneur to become successful in the long-term. If you’ve heard of it for the first time then no need to be hesitant just dive into the course and learn about it. Everything in this world is because of networking. If you passed a loan from a bank without lengthy processes with the help of a friend in a bank then it is because you had good network in the bank, i.e., your friend. And this course has everything about networking, such as how you can network with people, learn to ask for help, using cold email, etc.


PART 7: Leadership


In this, we have covered topics like various leadership styles, how to lead, etc. In fact, there is a separate lecture named “What is leadership?”. So according to me, there shouldn’t be any confusion, but if there is, you’re always free to ask me.


PART 8: Physical And Mental Fitness


The lines like we should workout daily, eat healthy food, sleep timely have been heard many times but to be honest, most of us don’t follow it. It is because we aren’t dedicated to a thing which we don’t understand well, and it is a basic human behaviour. This is exactly what’s happening with health and fitness, because people aren’t understanding its long term benefits and bad effects. This part is specially designed to tackle this problem.


PART 9: Productivity With Time Management


With my personal life experiences, I’ve found that people who are by nature productive also become procrastinators. Know why? Because they don’t know time management. They would want to do work but when they can’t manage the given tasks in a required time limit, they become frustrated and eventually start procrastinating. To deal with this, this part of the course is here for you! Here you’ll learn the meaning of productivity, Pareto 80-20 principle, Parkinson’s Law Of Productivity, time management, which is a separate lecture, task prioritising, etc.


PART 10: Goal Management


Here you’ll learn goal setting, types of goals, setting, setting achievable and practical goals, which I’d say is very important in this fast paced world. With more lectures, we also have a separate lecture on ABCDE Technique which I’d say is not something you'd like to miss.


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