The Intelligent Cryptocurrency Investor

Complete Cryptocurrency Course: Journey From A Beginner To A Pro Investor With 7 Courses in One.

From Blockchain technology to core investment practices, learn all you need to become an ace investor in cryptocurrency.

About the course


Comprehensive cryptocurrency course, the only course you need to start your journey from a beginner to an advanced cryptocurrency investor. This course is designed to help you understand the basics of the technology so that when you invest, you see the complete profile behind the cryptocurrency and not just the price influenced by market speculation. 

The course is designed and conducted by an entrepreneur with a couple of successful startups under his wing. He has been actively investing in cryptocurrency for more than 5 years. With over a 100x return in cryptocurrency, his investment portfolio is not limited to cryptocurrency only but contains stakes in many startups such as Ganpati Food Services, Genre Crypto and Aclaran Innovations to name a few. He has actively invested and supported many startups in the seed stages, in the past 6 years.

This course is a summation of many courses in one such as,

Part 1 – Blockchain Technology

Part 2 – Cryptocurrency Basics & Major Token Types 

Part 3 – NFT’s Basics

Part 4 – Building Your Cryptocurrency Profile

Part 5 – Investment Basics

Part 6 – Active Investment Cryptocurrency 

Part 7 – Passive Income With Cryptocurrency

Part 8 – Securing & Retrieving Your Assets Back To Fiat

Also included in this course is several study materials that helps you master the technology and prepare you for investment. Let’s check out the purpose of each section.

1. Blockchain Basics 

When it comes to blockchain, there are several questions we are stuck with such as  

  • What is the blockchain made of? What purpose does it serve?
  • How is it made immutable or secure? How people interact with an intangible blockchain and participate in its network?
  • What is mining and other methods of transaction validation? 

We will try to understand answers to all such questions while understanding the real use cases of blockchain in our physical world.

2. Cryptocurrency Basics

In this section we will discuss all major types of cryptocurrencies and how a token differs from a coin. For this we will cover cryptocurrency case studies of 11 major tokens in the market, each of a different field.

  • Uniswap OR UNI
  • Litecoin or LTC
  • Bakeryswap or BAKE
  • Monero or XMR
  • Ethereum or ETH
  • Binance USD or BUSD
  • Wrapped BNB or WBNB
  • My Neighbor Alice or ALICE
  • Basic Attention Token or BAT
  • Maker or MKR

3. NFT

Nfts are another wonder from the world of blockchains. They have ensured proper ownership and have taken digital form of physical world assets to another level. In this section we will cover all about NFT’s and how to make money with them. 

4. Getting Started In Cryptocurrency

Now that you have completed the basic section of the course. We will now start with creating your digital presence in the world of blockchain. For the purpose we will cover the following major wallets like Trust Wallet, Metamask and several exchanges like Binance, Pancakeswap, Bakerswap among others.

5. Investment Basics

In this section we will start with how to invest professionally in cryptocurrency. The section deals with core investing principles to follow such Dollar Cost Average DCA among others. This will help you develop your own methods of investing.

6. Active Income

The income you derive from your physical efforts is what we know as active income. In this section we will devote active time and energy in cryptocurrency investing. You will need to be vigilant of the changes in the technology.

This section is divided into three parts.

  1. In First Section will deal with all the 10 Criteria Of Finding A Good Cryptocurrency Project To Invest In. 
  2. In Second Section we will learn how to make your portfolio. We will learn how to set up your own IIS or investor information system. This will help you beat the market and build your own position in it. We will learn all the reasons behind fluctuation in price and how to make data-based decisions rather than just on emotions.
  3. In Third Section we will learn from my mistakes I did investing in cryptocurrency, along with the rights I did investing in cryptocurrency.

7. Passive Income 

Passive Income is the income you derive without actively engaging in earning it. You set up a system and that pays you. We will cover how to make capital generate more money for you, even while you sleep.

8. Securing Your Assets

Now you have started investing in cryptocurrency, there would be a lot of exchanges between your digital and real-world assets you need to be careful of. One small mistake can endanger both of your accounts. In this section we will see how to secure you assets and retrieve money from the exchanges to your bank account.

This course is based on my practical experience and the techniques explained in this course is one tested and applied in this field. This course is my journey from a noob investor to an ace cryptocurrency investor and how I was able to turn $500 to $500,000 investing in cryptocurrency.

Again, I guarantee you this may not be the longest course in the market but is the best and only course you’ll need to get started in cryptocurrency professionally. So, what are you waiting for? Take this course and start your cryptocurrency investment journey now!


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