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Complete SEO Course From Beginner To Advanced

Rank Top Of The Search Results With Our Step By Step Guide On Search Engine Optimization

About the course

The course "Complete SEO Course From Beginner To Advanced" has diligently been designed to educate students on search engine optimization so as to rank higher in our search queries ahead of our competition.

For simplicity the course is divided into 6 parts:

PART 1: Search Engine

We will start our course with a complete discussion on the Search Engines. Through this part we aim to introduce you to the basics of understanding how search engines work.

We will discuss various SEO terms such as Black-Hat SEO, White-Hat SEO and what is the difference between them with learning some do’s and don’ts from them. Furthermore, we will understand the search engine algorithm and its update which is a broader topic, but not to worry as we have made it simple and easy to understand.

PART 2: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

As per its name, it is an elaborative introduction on SEO for its uses, functions, components, etc. It will include an overview on how it is important for your business and why it is a widely performed method of businesses. We will also introduce you to the types of SEO.

There are mainly three types of widely discussed SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Technical SEO. There are also three different stages of search, Informational, Transactional and Navigational.

PART 3: On-Page SEO

Beginning with an introduction to On-Page SEO, we will learn how to write title tags which appeals to both the search engine and the visitor and how to skyrocket clickthrough rate with meta description.

We will then focus on the three types of copy optimization, Heading-Tags, Outgoing-Tags and Internal links. You also get to learn some additional topics such as what is a keyword and its intent with ideas on how to write new and effective keywords.

PART 4: Off-Page SEO

These terms might sound simple but require prior attention and understanding as they play some key role in your SEO. This section proceeds from the introduction of Off-Page SEO to understand the importance of backlinks and why to have them. We will learn to analyze what are the types of backlinks suitable for you.

The section also deals with many useful and knowledgeable SEO concepts such as the differences and use of No-Follow and Do-Follow links, what are External and Internal links and their importance, do’s and don’ts of link building, influence of branding on website marketing and much more which makes you adept in Off Page SEO along with On Page SEO.

PART 5: Audit And Testing

Reaching here, we will step forward to some advanced topics of SEO for making the concept more transparent and simple for you. This section includes Page Auditing, SEO metrics for performance measurement, what are error pages and redirect pages. And also, how you can improve your website performance provided with all of my tried and tested effective methods.

PART 6: Google Tools

To get the optimal result for your SEO you’ll have to be familiar with SEO tools offered from Google. They are recommended because of their effectiveness and connectivity with their own services such as its browsers, advert services, and most importantly their search engine itself. We will not only introduce names but will also teach you how to use it, tell you about the purpose of different tools with some do's and don’ts. This will include Google Tools, Google Analytics and Google Other Tools which will cover many different tools.

Along with some google tools, individual lectures on tools for keyword research like uber suggest, mobile friendly test, GT Metrix for website performance will give you a closure look to how you can use them for your successful strategy.

This course is the only course you need to master the Art of Ranking in the Search Results.

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