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Complete NFT Course: Buy, Sell, Create, Mint, Grow Your NFTs

Learn How To Buy, Flip, Create, Mint & Grow Your NFTs On Solsea, Opensea & Binance. Course Built For Investors & Non-Developers

About the course


  • In 2022, The total value of NFT revenue was $250 Million.
  • The number of NFT art sales topped 1.5 million in a single month.
  • Each week, around $10 to $20 million in NFTs is traded on the blockchain network.

All these stats are enough to explain the rapidly expanding NFT market. NFT has always been one of the hottest topics in technology industry and is growing continuously since its inception.

If you are the one looking forward to buy, sell, create, mint and launch your NFTs then this course is designed just for you.

The course has been created and instructed by ace cryptocurrency investor Aaishwarya Chandra with a vision to educate non-developers and investors around this fascinating world of NFTs. This course will walk you through the very basics of NFTs, cryptocurrency and blockchain. Once we understand the basics, we will start with identifying good NFTs to buy and flip. If you are someone who wants to start their career in the NFT creator space, then this course will guide you on how to plan, create and mint your NFTs on prominent exchanges such as Solsea, Opensea and Binance.

The entire course has been subdivided into 6 parts which will cover,

Part 1 Introduction

This section deals with the basics and covers the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and blockchain. We will learn to about blockchain with its overview, cryptocurrency and smart contracts. We will learn the various concepts of Data Validation & understand the differences between currencies and tokens. By the end of the section, you will be able to understand the basics which will help with the later concepts we will cover in this course.

Part 2 NFT Basics

Like the first section, this section aims to explain the basics of NFTs. We will cover various concepts like ERC 721, ERC 20 and ERC 1155 Tokens. We will explore the various use cases of NFTs which will help you gain a clear insight into the various sectors you can build your NFT career in.

Part 3 Creating A Wallet

This section is going to be a blend of both lecture and tutorial to equip you with the right knowledge and skills in this space. We will learn:

  • Creating different types of wallets.
  • Tutorials on how send money from centralize to decentralize wallets.
  • Walk through of Ethereum wallet-Math wallet and Solana wallet – Phantom wallet and review of the Binance Exchange.

Part 4 Buying And Flipping NFTs

If you are looking to invest in NFT, you must find the right place to buy from. Moreover, you must be knowledgeable enough to understand and evaluate different NFTs that has a potential to give high return on investment.

This section incorporates lectures on how to flip NFTs profitably. Investing is an art and finding the right project to invest in is even more important. That’s why we have included a special section to inculcate the skills of investing in NFTs.

Part 5 Creating And Minting Your NFT

Coming closer to the two most awaited sections, landing up to Creating and minting your NFTs. If you wish to enter the NFT creator space, then this section is precisely what you need. In this section we will learn how to,

  • Plan your NFT.
  • Create your NFT design.
  • Create an NFT collection.
  • Minting your NFT using decentralized like Solsea and Opensea and centralize exchanges like Binance.

These bullets are just a teaser, this section has a lot to grab.

Part 6 Selling And Growing Your NFTs

Creating an NFT is just not enough, you must learn how to grow your work and take them to the mass. Thus, this section is solely dedicated to growing and selling your NFT work. We will cover,

  • Identify the right audience to sell your NFTs by creating the ideal customer persona.
  • Use various social media platforms to market your NFTs.
  • Create website, white paper and roadmaps for your investors.
  • Create a community for your followers.
  • Hire influencers and giveaways as part of NFT growth strategy.

There are so many elements we need to cover in order to create the right blend that works in NFTs. This course is the only course you need to start your career in NFT space, designed specifically for non-developers and investors.

Enroll now and start you NFT investor/creator journey now.


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